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Irish Buck

Irish Whiskey and Ginger Ale creates a tall, refreshing drink. This is a semi-sweet, tall, pleasant drink. A lime squeeze provides the finishing touch.


1 ½ oz of Irish Whiskey

            Tullamore Dew

5 oz Ginger Ale

            White Rock

1 Lime wedge



  1. Gather the ingredients

  2. Pour the whiskey into a highball glass filled with ice

  3. Fill with Ginger Ale

  4. Squeeze a lime wedge over the drink and drop it in.

  5. Stir

  6. Serve and enjoy



  • Replace Ginger Ale with Spicy Ginger Beer for an enhanced “Ginger Kick”.

  • A lemon-lime soda is also a perfect match for Irish Whiskey.

Recipe - Irish Buck - WR.jpg
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